Brittany Stalman

File # 06-26668

Brittany Stalman was last seen by her family on November 13, 2006
as she left the home they shared in North Delta, BC. She went for a walk around
1:00pm, and it would be the last time her family would see her. In the years since their
daughter Brittany vanished, her parents have been wandering the trails near their home
searching in dread for a trace of their eldest child.

Brittany’s family is certain someone knows what happened to her and continues to hold
hope that they, and Brittany, will find some peace.

Brittany is caucasian, 168 cm (5’6”), 50kg (100lbs), with a slender build. She has long
brown hair, brown eyes and has a permanent lower retainer. She was last seen wearing
a black zip up jacket with a hood, grey sweat pants, Puma running shoes and was
carrying a pink CD Discman.